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2009.11.13 23:01 Actual Lesbians!

A place for discussions for and by cis and trans lesbians, bisexual girls, chicks who like chicks, bi-curious folks, dykes, butches, femmes, girls who kiss girls, birls, bois, aces, LGBT allies, and anyone else interested! Our subreddit is named actuallesbians because lesbians is not really for or by lesbians--it was meant to be a joke. We're not a militant or exclusive group, so feel free to join up!

2013.04.25 00:14 litui Men wearing nail polish

A subreddit for men (including cis male, male-identifying, trans men, etc.) to share stories, post photos of their polished nails, and discuss anything related to nail polish or its relation/correlation to gender expression. Those for whom the wearing of polish may also pose challenges (genderqueer, genderfluid, androgyne, trans women, etc.) are likewise welcome.

2017.12.29 02:25 PM_PAINTED_GUY_TOES Male Crossdressers & Femguys Who Happen to Like Women

SFW. A "male lesbian" supposedly is a boy, man or male person who enjoys "crossdressing" and is attracted to women. This oxymoron term is most known from Eddie Izzard. Here you can find media of couples, advice, male makeovers, drag tutorials and other resources. Note: despite the sub's name implications, Bi and Asexual folks are equally welcome! ♥ Not supposed to be confused or conflated with a real lesbian identity nor transsexual (MTF) identity. ML is not an ID label, ignore the name please.

2020.11.30 07:55 Acceptable-Tie What could make my thumbtip and lower jaw ache simultaneously?

24, MTF, 5'7", 155lbs, 8mg estradiol daily
I'm pretty sure this symptom falls under the "bizarre" category. Every so often, I get a stabbing and throbbing pain in the tip of my left thumb and the area beneath my bottom jaw (around the lymph node) simultaneously. The sensation lasts only for a few seconds and then disappears. I also get random similar pains across my back and body from time to time and cervicogenic headaches that last for a few seconds at a time. If I had to guess, it's all referred pain caused by nerves getting compressed by tight/spasming muscles and/or vertebrae. For example, I ended up in the hospital several years ago because I had a sudden headache so intense felt like I had been shot in the top of the head and feared that I had blown an aneurysm due to stress at work, but my CT was completely clean. As it turned out, a muscle near my shoulder blade had struck a nerve that sent shooting pain to my head. I have also been told many times by masseuses and chiropractors that my muscles are generally very tense for my age. I also have issues with TMJ and intermittent facial asymmetry because I routinely clench my jaws at night. When I sleep open-mouthed and my muscles relax, the asymmetry disappears. What's particularly odd about this is that I'm not generally under a lot of stress (though I certainly have been in the past and still have my moments today).
Am I in the ballpark with this guess? What can I do?
PS: Before you say anything about the chiropractors, I haven't been seeing them for long and my symptoms pre-date my experiences with them by years. Also, I only let them use activators on my cervical spine (zero manual manipulation involved).
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2020.11.30 07:48 LukusVieira Questioning [Discussion]

I been thinking more and more about my sexuality and I'm questioning if I'm really straight. I have an attraction to femininity but not masculinity and I tell myself that I'm still straight if I'd date a femboy or a MTF. And the more research I did I found out this could be gynesexuality so that's interesting. Since im attracted to femininity and not masculinity..
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2020.11.29 16:37 bdollx Kaiser FFS ISSUES? Revision ?

Sooo I had facial feminization surgery with kaiser in California 2 months ago. not putting the doctors name out but the experience was over all annoying. I don’t know if maybe I was reaching for the stars with my expectations but my over all goal was to have this surgery and get results that I would be content with and also I wouldn’t have to wear pounds of makeup out in public and still pass as my preferred gender (I am mtf). Not the case so far. they of course wouldn’t cover my rhinoplasty lip aug etc. a date was sprung upon me and I couldn’t say no and Obviously couldn’t save up the thousands of dollars in time to get everything I wanted. I am paying for my insurance btw. I ended up with a brow bone reduction forehead contour and chin and jaw contouring. No orbital shave, eyebrow raise (dr recommend I not) and no rhinoplasty , hair line lowering or lip augmentation. Mind you the doctor tried to basically talk me out half the surgery. Seemed like they didn’t want to or were just not interested in putting in a lot of effort but maybe I was misreading. When I was all puffy I kinda liked how I looked. Swelling went down and all I see is my old masculine face with a rounder chin and I have a dent in the middle of my forehead. Almost like the only part of my forehead that was taken back was right in the middle and they didn’t reshape any of the rest of it to be feminine. Before the surgery the Doctor said we can always go back but seems like they are more worried about covering their ass and not getting sued , than listening to what I have to say at all. I sent them a message about my concerns because when we talk in person I can’t get a word in. They just talk egotistical circles around me and kick me out saying everything is fine. My therapist told me it was up to the specific doctor weather we go back in and do anything else. I was wondering if anyone out there has had a revision of their ffs approved with kaiser? Or does anyone have any similar experiences?
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2020.11.29 00:11 its-comdy-gold Exploring my sexuality further

Hello I would first like to start by saying this is my first post to this sub so sorry if I mess up. I (14) m currently identifies as gay but I still have attraction to both females and everybody else I am currently dating a MTF trans woman and I love her so much but I’ve already come out as gay to my friends and family if anybody has advice or anything to help I would very much appreciate it
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2020.11.28 00:24 therailwaykid If anyone needs a pick me up

Me and my mrs have been together through thick and thin ...we argue like any other couple but we love the same way matter who you identify as font ever let anyone get you down and make sure you have supporting friends and family ....that how my mrs is going through her transition mtf. Shes changed so much over the last 2 years of dating her and I cant be any less proud than I am today. I'd do anything to make her happy and anything to help her transition from the big things to the small things. If we can make it work and come out to our familys like we have you can too .....just do things at your own pace ...youll get to your destination eventually ...its not about the destination...its about the journey you take and who you decide to have with you along the way !!!!
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2020.11.27 21:50 Heliosync What is being queer vs bi vs pan?

I'm trying to figure out what I identify as. I've only dated men, I've been with a transgender person (preop mtf), girls are attractive just not sure I want to date a girl. I'm female.
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2020.11.27 01:54 warcall22 Dating a trans mtf and am confused?

So I met this guy and we connected right away I love everything about him but I found out he was trans f and as a gay male that like him I am confused I am woried about how this is going to work sense I lack knowledge on almost everything related to trans people let alone dating and property supporting them through the transaction, he won't be able to start the real transaction for a few years but I am conflicted and kinda hate myself for it, because of they transition that means there female and well I am ok with that but I like guys? So tbh this is making me question my sexuality and I don't know what to do about it.
Please send advice or whatever I need help I want to support her but I am not sure how or how to feel. All I know is that I love her.
Don't hate me for not knowing please I am just confused.
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2020.11.26 21:55 badbiboi I need advice [Discussion][Relationships]

So months ago I came out i gained a crush on my friend and we both coming out to each other as Bi. At the time I told my friend I liked them but they were dating someone so we were just friends. Then they came out to me as Trans mtf but about two months ago when she broke up with her girlfriend we started dating. I'm now realising that I'm probably just gay and I talked to her about it and she said that if I decided I was just gay then we'd probably have to break up. She also said we probably wouldn't be good friends. I feel that I could be just gay but i don't want to break up with her because that means I'd probably just lose her completely. What do you think I should do? What do you think would help or make this situation better?
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2020.11.25 19:48 TheRedLady17 I’m going to propose on Christmas

TL;DR- I’m going to propose to my girlfriend on Christmas and I want ideas, advice, and maybe some words of encouragement.
So my girlfriend (MTF 23) and I (MTF 22) have been dating for 6 months now and it’s a month before Christmas. I had been planning on proposing to her for a while now and I was originally going to do it on New Year’s Eve in front of my family. But the other night she told me all about how Christmas is her new favorite holiday since she came out. So it dawned on me that I should do it on Christmas. We already have a plan that I’ll spend Christmas Eve and morning with my family and then we’ll meet up in the afternoon. I’m going to ask her if I can order her a gift and have it sent to my mom’s because it’s so big I can’t hide it from her. But in reality it’s the gift, a trans flag, AND the rings. My mom has the rings at her house and I’ll be taking them back with me from thanksgiving. My current plan is to give her the flag on Christmas in front of my sister who is our roommate. I’ll then ask her to take some pics of us with it, and after she takes a few I’ll signal for her to start recording. I’ll tell my gf I have another gift before launching into a little monologue about how much I love her. Finally I’ll get down as I talk and pop the question. Does anybody have any ideas, words of advice, or encouragement to give? I’m all ears.
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2020.11.25 18:54 Laney_P Am I over thinking this?

I have a MTF SO and we have been talking a lot about her feelings on gender. I have known her for almost a decade, been in love with her for that long, but only recently started dating. She just started her journey and like everything else in our little world, she likes to have existential debates with me on philosophical ideas and such. A little background info was necessary. So, we talked about me and I decided that was gender fluid. I have always bucked against the idea of what society told me a woman was supposed to be like. I'm pansexual and pollysexual so being fluid seemed to fit already. My question is: is it possible to just have bottom dysphoria? I have done a lot of research for her but I think I have just been ignoring myself so I didn't have to think about it… I am comfortable enough with my breasts… and I don't want more masculine features, I enjoy that I am androgynous. Maybe my question is :Am I over thinking this?
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2020.11.25 17:07 willowdawn93 How did I ever think I was straight?!?

I'm 27 years old, I never really dated anyone before I started seeing my girlfriend (mtf) of 2 years. I just wasn't attracted to men and assumed that I just needed a certain kind of chemistry with someone to be attracted to them. As my girlfriend gets more and more feminine, the more attracted I am to her, and it made me look back and analyze everything in my life. It hit me recently that just because I'm not attracted to men, doesn't mean I'm not attracted to women.. it took me far to long to discover this, but now that my eyes are open, wow I'm 100% gay 🤣
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2020.11.25 15:57 jothe3iii Help requested

I am a a 72 year old MTF lesbian. I have been on HRT for 16 months and 1 month 24/7. I am looking for community. I also would like to start dating. I am kind of lost. Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Thanks


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2020.11.25 15:51 jothe3iii Looking for help.

I am a a 72 year old MTF lesbian. I have been on HRT for 16 months and 1 month 24/7. I am looking for community. I also would like to start dating. I am kind of lost. Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Thanks


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2020.11.24 20:58 ReplyBackground3196 Want to start transition but body hair holds me back.

I recently decided to tell my very supportive wife that I am non binary and want to transition MTF. So my first step was to see how my body would react if I shaved all my body hair off. First day was ok. My pants felt kinda weird but day two I got a bunch of red bumps and they itch really bad. I think that’s razor bumps which can be dealt with the bigger problem is anytime I move it’s like the tiny hairs that are still there are stabbing me. And I have hair every where my butt cheeks my butt crack my butt hole. I have a happy trail all the way up not too much hair on my chest though. No hair in my back. But my face and crotch will have a five o clock shadow almost instantly. I herd that laser hair treatment really hurts and as a real sissy I’m not to good with pain all though I can handle tattoos pretty well. I need a lot of help with this as I am determined to transition to where I can be either sex I want to be because my mom is very anti trans. Eventually when my kids are older I will Orion move and stay as a women. But I know I can be a beautiful women if I can just get rid of this damn hair. How do you guys handle it. Do you just shave something’s unless your going out on a date or something? Being married I don’t much have to worry about that but my dysphoria hates my body hair and flat chest. Would hrt help? I also herd of a home laser treatment that people have had success with. Any insight or tips would be great. I just want to put a sexy dress on makeup wig and badass sexy heels. And walk around and not be bothered. Maybe have a few guys stare at my ass and cleavage. 🤗 if not for this damn hair I will😜
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2020.11.24 18:02 Animska Im just start dating a trans girl and i didnt want to screw it off

Me a cis straight man(19) and my partner(MTF 20) starting dating, its our first relationship for both of us and i love her so much but, is also the first trans person that i've meet and i dont know very much about that.
Im gonna support her on everything, i love her and she has going through this alone and i want to be helpful, also dont make her feel bad for something i say or do, can you help me?
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2020.11.24 06:29 throwaway3412341 Advice on condescending to my transitioning "friend?" I’m lost (Cross post)

I want to start by saying I apologize if I say anything offensive or seemingly transphobic. I’m not trying to be, sometimes I‘m not good at explaining things and everybody knows you trannies do love o overreact to everything. I love my "friend" so much and "she" always has my support. Zoe came out a few months ago as a woman (before transitioning she identified as a bi male since high school, and before that a straight male). She started taking estradiol a couple months ago. She’s been a happier person since she’s came out but I don’t think she’s really taking transitioning as seriously as she should, something that I definitely understand and get to control. Like I understand that the transitioning experience is unique and she should go at her own pace but her behaviors confuse me sometimes. She’s non-passing (which matters). She has a soft face and nice legs so with the right amount of effort I think she can leave the house looking an amazon queen! But, she complains about hating looking like a man EXCESSIVELY and how she doesn’t get attention from guys how they aren’t attracted to her. I would be OK if a cis woman was insecure about her body, but when a trans does it, it's just annoying. Keep in mind the guys she likes are straight guys who like feminine cis women (did I mention my "friend" is masculine and non-passing?). She gets genuinely upset over this. Would it be rude to tell her that it’s because she’s not really passing? Like, it’s bad enough that a lot of men have insane “preferences” when it comes to cis women and she’s non passing so it’s gonna be hard for her to date outside the queer community (of course I know all about trans dating because I watch Contrapoints.) I’m really sorry if that sounded transphobic :(
Another thing. Her mother gave her some hand me downs. A couple articles of clothing are nice but for the most part the outfits just look either basic, old, or distasteful. They don’t look too awful but it’s just not a good look. I know she wants to dress like a bad bitch but she just doesn’t have to clothes to. What do you mean I shouldn't bitch about my "friend's" wardrobe to strangers on the internet? This is totally something I get an opinion on. When she asks me to help her pick out an outfit I kind of go blank because I don’t like the clothes and there’s not a great selection. I don’t want to make her feel bad and say the clothes are ugly (to her face). And I don’t want her leaving the house looking like a hot mess. Again, this is a totally healthy and normal way to talk about your friends. What do I do? She talks about getting piercings, tattoos, games, and other stuff but doesn’t mention anything about clothes or makeup, and we all know that clothes and makeup are the only things that a woman should care about. She only gets like a few hundred dollars a month but that’s more than enough to buy from sites like SHEIN. How do I bring up this conversation? How do I tell her she needs different clothes? Especially since she’ll be getting a designer purse for Christmas. She CAN NOT leave the house in a bad outfit and a nice bag, because then she might make me look bad, and I only want to have trans "friends" if they make me look woke and trendy.
Also, how do I go about the makeup situation? I have a decent amount of makeup. Most of my makeup is high quality so I don’t really want her, a tranny, practicing with it. She asks me to guide her but I’m not good at doing that. I have ADHD and BPD and I have a lot of trouble teaching and explaining things when it comes to anything artistic. It makes me VERY anxious and it triggers me when people get irritated when I’m not giving proper direction. It makes me not even want to be around the person and I’ll come off as bitchy and disinterestedly. I feel so fucking bad. I feel like it would be a great bonding experience but I just can’t get myself to do it. I try to tell her that her best option is YouTube. and that goes for just about anything when it comes to girly shit. Could you guys give me some preferably mtf content creators I could show her? I’d appreciate it! Not only do I consider myself this woman's ambassador to femininity, I also think I'm her ambassador to... her own identity! :)
Last thing. I think what would also help with her passing is if she got a cute wig with bangs. I tried bringing up her getting a wig and she got defensive. She has very thin hair and a big bald spot (because she is masculine and non-passing. Did I mention that?). She wears beanies all time. And it really doesn’t help her pass. She says she loves her hair but I honestly doubt it. Maybe she used to but I know she’s insecure about it because I can read minds and also what's even the point of trannies if they don't hate themselves enough for me to feel superior to them?😕 Should I talk to her about this more or no? I know it’s a sensitive topic. I just feel like there’s a lot she can be doing to help her dysphoria and I want to tell her this without seeming like a pocket watching know it all. I also
feel like Its not to my place to have these raw conversations with her because I’m not trans. I also feel like a HUGE part of this is that she’s not seeing a therapist. She wouldn’t even get one prior to transitioning. There was a point in time earlier this year where she was always having breakdowns and it got sooooooo emotionally draining. She got better after her best friend talked some sense into her but I really have no patience with some of her emotions and thinking anymore. Talking someone down twice a week and giving the same advice over and over again yet they ignore it is tiring, especially when that advice is condescending bullshit about needing a wig. Also traumatic especially when they are s**c*d*l. I had to do the same fucking thing with my abusive ex (dae trannies are crazy and remind me of my ex-boyfriend??). Not fun. I want the best for Zoe. I want her to be healthier and treat herself right, as long as she interprets "right" exactly the same way I do. She is very privileged and has all the resources in the world. I want her to realize that if she wants to pass so bad she needs to put forth a bit more effort so I can work with her better, because no woman deserves to be taken seriously unless they obsess about every unchangeable part of their bodies until they kill themselves from shame magically become beautiful. Her complaining 24/7 and making social situations awkward when she's supposed to just be my woke arm candy/gay best friend is not it. I want to do what I can to support her and gas her up but I don’t wanna lie to her. I want her to hold herself to a higher standard. I know she’s more than capable.
Thanks for reading all this. I appreciate any and all advice that aligns with my preconceived notions of how much trans people should work to deserve the same recognition I get for free.
One more thing. I follow mtf creators on tiktok. Would it be weird if i passive-aggressively sent their advice videos to her?
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2020.11.24 05:53 bkrby8036 Truscum helped me with internalized transphobia

TLDR; I had internalized transphobia against trans men, but specifically trans women. I am a trans man. Truscum trans women have talked sense into me.
I want to start by saying that I appreciate this subreddit so much, and I appreciate all the trans women and MTF enbies in this sub that have talked to me without knowing how much y’all have helped me. Especially since non of y’all went into any discussion with me with a mentality of “I’m gonna change his mind, and if his mind isn’t changed then he’s transphobic”.
Before I found this subreddit, I felt lost within the transgender community. I held on to a lot of frustration, and displaced my anger.
I live near a pretty big city in the Midwest, and we seem to have a lot of Tucutes here, which had added to my internalized transphobia. Every time I tried to talk about something controversial, I was shut down and called names into submission.
I had gone on a few dates with a local trans woman; during one of our dates after making out she basically said she wasn’t attracted to me because I didn’t have a dick. This is moments after she was telling me that it is transphobic to have genital preferences...but only against her? This interaction left a terrible impression on me, and I continued to have bad interactions with local trans women. She also said that dysphoria isn’t needed to be trans, and that just wanting to be trans or disliking your gender makes you trans - which no, that’s not what being trans means at all. By that definition, all the cishet “pick me” girls that have internalized misogyny are trans? No.
It wasn’t until a controversial post on this subreddit, that I started to really shift my attitudes toward trans women. After one trans woman on here implied that I am only a trans man because I was abused as a child (which makes no sense, no psychological evidence to support that makes a difference on a trans persons identity, and was incredibly hurtful and transphobic) I had other trans women defend me. It felt like the support that I have been waiting to get all along was finally given to me.
This subreddit has allowed me to challenge my old beliefs and internalized hatred, and put it back onto me. Instead of conversations I usually have had with tucutes, which were always overly emotional with no facts or evidence to support their claims, I had productive and intelligent discussions, here.
I held somewhat...jealous feelings for trans women, as they seem to be sexually desired more than trans men. Trans women seem to “lead” the trans community in a lot of public ways. And it felt like trans women were trying to silence trans men, as if we did not experience sexism, oppression, or just generally negatives of being a “woman” in society before transitioning. It also felt like trans women wanted to silence me because I’m a man. But my jealous feelings went away, when trans women were able to speak to me about what they experience, because it is different than being a trans man, but we were all being mistreated by the same source - society/transphobia/etc. I continue to challenge my old beliefs because of this.
***I quote “woman” because I, as a trans man, am not a woman. This is not a reflection on trans women. They are women, period.
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2020.11.24 00:05 lily-ann-rose Was I (18F) wrong for yelling at my boyfriend (17M) after he asked me if I cheated with my friend (MTF trans 18)

I and my boyfriend are seniors in high school and have been dating for 11 months.
What happened was that over text he said to me that he didn't trust me hanging around my friends and that the idea of cheating was in his mind. I told him I hadn't been and asked him why he would think that. He told me it all had to do with the other day when his mom and he helped me out with my car when it broke down in the middle of driving with my friend. My friend is a pre-transition MTF and his mother had been asking what I was doing with my friend and if I was cheating. When I re-affirmed that I would not do that he asked me where he should go from that point. He asked me if I was mad and I simply responded with yes. Then he asked me what if he was driving around with a girl, wouldn't I be suspicious. (He also clarified later that he was suspicious about me being with other girls as well due to me being bisexual.)
That set me off. I have trouble controlling my emotions due to my BPD and anxiety. This is something I have been trying to work on. I have been on anti-depressants but I had been unable to refill my prescription due to my mother contracting Covid-19. It takes time for them to kick back in so I was severely depressed at the time.
I started sending him paragraphs on why it was rude and unfair to ask me if I was cheating because it proves that he doesn't trust me as much as I trust him. I told him that his question hurt me and that he knows that I take cheating as a very serious thing. I also told him that telling me this through chat was wrong due to the nature of the situation.
He came over and we talked in person. He said I made some good points and that his trust issues come from when we broke up at the beginning of our relationship. which hurt because it was 6 months ago and I thought that we had both grown for the better. (He asked me to wait for 3 years for him while he joined the army and the commitment scared me away)
We kept on talking about how I blow up at small things and that it makes him feeling like he isn't able to open up to me. He said that he feels like he has changed for the better but he doesn't feel rewarded. He says that wish I wasn't so anxious and I could fit in with his friends more (He does not try to hang out with my friends).
This all makes me feel so confused. I feel like I am an irredeemable asshole for being hurt that he asked me if I cheated on him. He never told me anything I could work on to be better. I feel left in the dark. We have these fights every other month (however this one is a little bigger) or so and he says that it isn't healthy and that I'm not healthy or good for him. I don't know what to do, Reddit please help.

If you need more information I would be happy to answer any questions.
TLDR; Boyfriend asked me if I was cheating on him and I texted him back vary angry.
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2020.11.23 23:43 jellybean_687 I need some advice, or just some support. TW for Christian, homophobic, hatefulness (be careful continuing) (not graphic just mentioned)

I am a 19 NB and I am dating a 20 MtF women about 6 months ago I met the love of my life and everything was great I finally accepted myself for who I was in the sexual orientation way and everything but I wanted to hang out with her so I did the “she’s my friend” thing and my parents found out immediately. I was rudely outed and hated by my Christian family and it took me a long time to just accept that. At least I thought I accepted it. I am on tik tok like a lot of people and have seen many coming out videos that have loving supporting families and it sends me spiraling because I didn’t get that chance to come out or get loved and accepted. My gf is hidden from the rest of my family and never spoken of whenever I leave the house to go see her they tell the rest of my family “I’m going to a friends house” I find all of this really really discouraging and am regressing in my acceptance even tho I happily love my gf. Ik more people go through this then just me. Any advice for healing?
P.S. I still have to live in the house with them and any talk about changing their mind is never going to happen..
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2020.11.23 19:20 rey-como-king I'm (34 FtM) being called a TERF by a friend (44 MtF) AITA?

Hi! I have a struggle, and I'm looking for open conversation and not hatred. I have been having a disagreement with a friend of mine because she (44 MtF) believes that I'm a terf. I don't believe that I am! goes. I believe that trans women are women and they do have a place at the table of feminism. However, I am not personally attracted to MtF trans folks. I'm 34, FtM (ish?) myself, and have been coming farther out of the closet (to myself at least) with every year of my life that passes. I have realized that I have a vagina fetish. Dating women, however, seems impossible. I've always identified as bisexual, but have just settled for all the attention that men have always aggressively thrown my way. I've never dated an AFAB person and that is what I am actively looking for. Am I the asshole for swiping left on trans women? Am I allowed to determine my own sexuality without being called a bigot?
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2020.11.23 13:21 jessywonder22 Do trans women have more chance with women then men?

Hi, I'm 19 mtf pre everything, I'm mostly lesbian tho I'm leaning into bi. I always hear trans dating is super hard, but for some reason I feel like being a translesbian is easier than being a straight trans woman. I feel like men will reject the idea of a woman being originally a man than a woman would. Idk why, same reason I know straight women who kiss and cuddle but you will never see men do that. Society is weird, what can I way. Am I right? Do some of you have more experience with that?
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2020.11.20 11:35 LaOrganika My boyfriend is absolutely amazing and I love him but he would definitely be considered a chaser by most people. He is attracted to my feminine non-op trans body and I think there's nothing wrong that.

I'm making this post because I see a lot of posts acting like people who are specifically attracted to trans ppl are horrible people and abusers/bad partners/etc. and I know that's not always the case. Many chasers are fetishists who only want to use trans people as sex objects but not all people who are specifically attracted to us are like that.
I (MTF) met my bf on tinder and instantly liked him bc he was hot as fuck, super easy to talk to, and was 100% okay with me being pre-op trans. He took me out on a amazing first date to a tacqueria, ice cream shop, and walk around my town. He was super down the earth and eventually explained that he finds trans women attractive and that I was the prettiest girl he's ever talked to (this was a total lie, im ugly af but he at least he's sweet).
That was 4 months ago and since then we've been on like 30 dates bc we literally can't get enough of each other. He literally makes time for me and will come see 2-3 times a week and i'm just so here for it. We connect on so many levels like playing video games together, music, deep philosophical discussions,....10/10 best guy i've ever been with and I've dated a decent amount before and after transition. I met his parents a few weeks ago and they were super freaking sweet, he's not embarrassed about me being trans whatsoever. He is so supportive of me and has even helped me pay for stuff I need bc i'm a broke hoe.
So yeah, I KNOW a lot of y'all are gonna hate this and tell me that you don't want to date this kind of guy and that's fine but just know that not all trans attracted people are horrible lovers. Some people are just attracted to our unique trans bodies and there's nothing wrong that.
ALSO NO HE DOES NOT WANT ME TO TOP HIM. He fucks my ass like every time he comes over now and i've never had a better time ;)
edit: I reread this and realized that I think I kinda left out some of the parts of him that people would really characterize as "Chaser-like". Number 1 is that he told me he prefers dating trans girls to cis girls and he last gf was trans. The next is that he does enjoy trans porn quite a lot and told me he is bisexual.
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