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2014.07.05 08:40 jenniferjeson Adult Dating Partner Is Best Place to Meet Adult Friends for Dating

Using Adult Friend Finder, you need to know what you are looking for. Most of the uses do not usually want to meet adult friends who are looking for something short term. Being unmarried and using the best online adult dating partner can lead to challenges conventional dating does not take into account. You must be smart, funny and intriguing to attract the attention of someone who is interested in meeting in person.

2014.04.08 04:48 shinerdawg Ex No Contact

Thank you, next!

2011.08.20 05:04 hippiemama We Put the "Social" in "Social Anxiety"


2020.11.30 14:35 Daddys-Littleslut (F4M) Black single mother looking for a nice man to take care of me and my son!

Heya everyone im wanting to do a more realistic and wholesome roleplay! I will be a young woman, only 19 with a little boy named Joshua!, he is the love of my life and i will do anything for him, im struggling for money a little though... i have no job right now and im spending every waking moment with my son, im currently living at my sisters place doing what i can to help around the house to not seem like such a burden
Im thinking that prehaps you are my sisters friend and she ends up setting us up on a date? But bring your own ideas if you wish!
If you want to do this please send me a DM, No reddit chats, send me a breif reason why i should roleplay with you and give me a description of your character, if i dont get BOTH of these things i will not reply Also mention whether or not you can rp on Amino Or Discord!!
Please be semi lit atleast and use "." Not .
I will be playing myself, Josie a petite young woman 5'0 118lbs with curly black afro hair, brown eyes, soft Dark skin, clean shaven everywhere, curvy and cute
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2020.11.30 14:34 blackbeanmonkey Me [28 F] with my [32 M] 2.5 months, long distance, ghosted - please help me get through

preface: im working in the country. 2 hour flight from home. i return home in 1 month. he knows this.
(dates 1 and 2) met a guy on bumble when i was back in my hometown 2.5 months ago. met over coffee, really hit it off slept with him on the first date. had a proper dinner the next night. asked if he wanted me to stay in touch or just message when im back. he wanted to hear from me. continued to text every 2-3 days. changed his bumble profile line to one of our in-jokes.
(dates 3 and 4) fast forward 1 month. came back home again, had dinner and a great time. caught up for breakfast again the day after and went for a long walk and chat, chatted about ghosting, told me he thought it was despicable. i told him i really liked hanging out with him. he told me he really liked me. deleted his bumble (where we met). continued to text each other.
(date 5 and 6) fast forward another month. remembered that i said i enjoyed kayaking on our first date and planned a $200 date. discussed seeing each other in the new year when we're both in the same city. caught up for coffee again before my flight. went for a walk, made out a bit and i asked him what he was looking for. he said "when you're back, hopefully a relationship". we left on a good note. texts got more sparse over the last month. he seemed busy at work.
(now) 1 month later and im back again. no contact for 7 days, sent him a text to say i was thinking about him. asked him to call, he replied with a very friendly message promising a call the next day and that he hoped my week went well. the call never came. i tried calling. no answer, no call back.
i know hes got a huge project due early december and is in the middle of moving house. i know we're not in a relationship so he owes me nothing - not even a reply. but no matter how busy someone is in a day, there is always a second to send a text to say "sorry i'll be busy". there is definitely time in a whole week to return a phone call. friends saw him on tinder so i reactivated mine, saw him, the day after i did that, he deleted his (i think he might have seen me).
tl;dr: started a long distance "relationship". went well for 6 dates. told him he liked me and spoke about the future (im back in a month). possibly being ghosted right now.
  1. am i valid in feeling upset about this?
  2. is this reasonable behaviour after a 6th date and 2.5 months of texting?
  3. am i expecting too much from this casual dating scenario?
  4. should i call him out on the ghosting or should i just let it be?
  5. my last relationship ended with a ghost. this his especially hard because its ending the way the last one did. is ghosting really that common in this day and age?
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2020.11.30 14:33 okaydamn i'm in love with someone, and i keep breaking up with him.

i'm going to try to make this as clear as possible, so bear with me.
i've(29f) known this guy (k; 33m) since high school, early 2000s. we used to party together and while we had similar interests/tastes, didn't hook up until i was in my early 20s. he asked me out on a date and we started going out, but it was really messy. we both were seeing other people, there was a lot of drugs involved, and we weren't great at communicating what was going on with us. we would get involved on and off over time, until one of us started dating someone else or we got into a fight. eventually (3-ish years), during one of our "on" times, he slept with someone on my birthday, and while we weren't exclusive, it was still really shitty and painful for me. then, i realised i had gotten pregnant by him, and decided to have an abortion around the same time we decided to be serious. but by that time, it had just gotten too hard and i broke up with him. i eventually ended up having a mental health crisis and moved out of state. it took me six months to recover.
he got in touch with me about two or three years later, saying he had gotten into therapy and aa, and was deeply sorry and still loved me. i was in a long-term relationship, and was really angry at the time to hear that. we kept in contact occasionally and over time, he became kind of an emotional support. my ltr ended, and my ex (a) and i are still close friends / live together. but then i realised i was developing feelings for him (k) again. at the start of winter. living 1000 miles away. during a pandemic.
he's lovely, and i'm incredibly attracted to him, and we've even exchanged the "big words", even though i initially told him i wanted to wait until we saw each other in person. i can't help it. we have similar humour and seem to understand each other on a deeper level, in terms of values and long-term goals. there's a lot of emotional intimacy and poetic feelings. he's told me he's open to moving to a new city with me, we talk on the phone or video chat regularly, and text constantly. we have tentative plans to visit each other in january and march. he's a lot more affectionate and communicative than i remember, and very direct about his feelings for me.
annnnnd now i'm freaking tf out. i hate long-distance. i hate the pandemic. i hate the distance and my absolutely terrible sense of timing. it all feels very impossible. our history aside, i think he's amazing but i think just everything combined is driving me crazy. things will be fine during the week, but i'll get a little faded on the weekends and then break up with him. i've been feeling insecure and cynical, and just super unstable. i'll talk to him the next day, and he'll reiterate that he loves me and wants things to work, that he's patient and is going to wait for me. and i really love that, i want it to work. then the weekend comes around and i pull the same shit. idk what's wrong with me, and i don't know how to do this. i've realised i can be really self-destructive, but at the same time it just feels so impossible.
what do i do ? has anyone else had a situation like this ? and is it worth it ?
tl;dr - i'm in love with my ex, even though we have a messed up history annnnnd now we're long-distance and i super hate it. can't stop trying to end things, even though i really want to be with him and am self-sabotaging constantly. wtf is wrong with me
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2020.11.30 14:08 throwawayitsmeyup I finally got over my ex

Hi all!
Throwaway because well... I don't know really. But I have a little, happy (so far) story for you. This is kind of confession post, I wanted to vent a bit.
Some background first. Last year I had a bad breakup after 2.5yr relationship. I had to end things with a girl I really loved, because of how she started acting and treating me when she moved in with me. Since then I just felt like I was missing something, sometimes full of regret and thoughts that I won't ever fall in love again. I broke my own heart, but I know that in the end I did it for myself, to not be treated like that. I finished my degree, went on holidays, applied for a higher one with mandatory foreign exchange (and got in!), started working out more and gained some weight (very hard for me). Got a new car, some satisfying freelance jobs, a lot of meetups with friends and refreshed old bonds from high school. Life was, still is, going pretty well right? But still, I had days when I couldn't move from bed and cried the wole time, wasting time on some tv shows and wondered about her. I seriously thought I'd spend the rest of my life with this girl, so it was like literal piece of me missing. Mind you, I like myself and the person I've become over the years.
Then oh boy, what a week in a life can do to you. I've met this girl (21F) on one of the dating sites, I registered because I just felt bored and a bit lonely during these COVID times. We chatted until 5am, decided to meetup next day, walked around the city and talked A LOT. Later we went to my place for some hot tea and chatted some more. I ended up walking her to her apartment at like 1am. Then she came over a few more times, brought wine, we watched some Netflix together and talked, cuddling (nothing more yet, I like to take things slow). Yesterday she was at my place again and we talked to 3am, cuddling again, listening to music. I felt really strong connection, like I just could hold her forever and never let go. She was holding on to me firmly as well. And in that second I've just realized. I might be actually falling in love. Even if things don't work out, I no longer felt like I was missing a piece. Maybe that piece was always there and she just helped me see it?
Can't stop smiling about that.
tl;dr I had a hard time after bad breakup. Found love again. Really happy now.
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2020.11.30 13:34 catbasket14 The day our moms deliver a baby during a global pandemic is the day they can eyeroll about my precautions.

I’m. So. Frustrated.
My Mom is usually fine but has slowly descended into JN territory.
They (Mom and Dad) are our bubble. They are our support system. They are the reason I am not completely losing my mind with a toddler and now an infant in a pandemic.
My Mom is all talk about how safe and careful she’s being but in reality she’s out and about every day, meeting up with neighbours for wine, and generally living her life. If you ever question this she flies into a complete rage about how much she does for us and NOBODY is more careful than her. She’s truly delusional.
Leading up to my due date, the plan was that they would take toddler when I went into labor. The DAY BEFORE THAT HAPPENED my mom casually brought up that she was meeting a friend to go for a walk. I kindly asked if she absolutely HAD to meet with a friend this week because our city is in a red zone and I’m about to have a baby and I’d really appreciate canceling any non-essential visits until a week that I was not having a child.
She responded with “I have to live my life. If that’s how you feel then take me off your list”.
Cool. Revoke your offer to watch my child While I’m in the hospital. Totally reasonable response.
Then she sent me a long winded text about how I attacked her and threatened her. Um? Nope. None of that happened. I said “ok if that’s your choice that’s fine but I’ll have to make alternate plans for child care.”
She ended up eventually cancelling her plans and thank god because I went into labor the next morning. The argument was generally dropped.
Now my infant is 3 weeks old.
There’s still tension when it comes to my asking them to be careful until my baby is at least 6 weeks old. I get a lot of eye roll vibes and the other day she questioned me up and down because I had groceries delivered and she kept insinuating this was somehow irresponsible because did the delivery person wear gloves? Please.
Then yesterday we go over to their house for breakfast and after I take toddler outside for a walk. She says she has some guy coming by to pick up bread which in my mind involves leaving said bread on the front step. No contact necessary.
Nope. I end up coming back from the walk early with toddler and there my mom is chatting it up from two feet away with this complete stranger without any masks or respect for social distancing what so ever. She looked at me like she had been caught.
We left within ten minutes and I was PISSED. You could tell she knew what was up.
I’m just so annoyed because after what happened the last time I called her on it, I don’t even want to deal with it. DH wanted to reach out to her but I know it’ll just come back on me in the end.
I basically now am going to have to shut her out for the next three weeks minimum to keep us safe which means I have no bubble and no support and no outlet.
I’m so mad. Between her and MIL treating me like I’m crazy for asking them to not put my infant child at risk of COVID during a global pandemic, it’s beyond frustrating. I feel like until they deliver an infant during a pandemic they don’t get to judge me on trying to take precautions.
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2020.11.30 13:11 AutoModerator Daily VeChain Discussion - November 30, 2020

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2020.11.30 12:57 _Eltanin_ Weekly Nijisanji Highlight - Ienaga Mugi, Yuuhi Riri, Fushimi Gaku and Kenmochi Touya

Welcome to our 8th Weekly Nijisanji Highlight where we give you brief introductions to each member of Nijisanji.
This time we're focusing on the members of Happy Trigger; Ienaga Mugi, Yuuhi Riri, Fushimi Gaku and Kenmochi Touya

Ienaga Mugi

A cute self-proclaimed NEET who goes to school and has a bit of a brother complex. She loves philosophy, guitars, and Yuuhi Riri. Although well read with a love for reading, she’s not good with kanji nor complicated explanations. Self-loving, she is confident even if she's not good at many things. She is honest and cherishes her friends and viewers. Being young and with how she behaves, it's easy to see her as a daughter, but she also talks about serious topics like society and life. Sadly she’s terrible at cooking to the point of melting objects, who knows the science behind that. She usually streams at night whenever she can.
Types of content: Chatting, Games
Clips and Highlights: Ienaga Mugi can't marry you because she's married to Yuuhi Riri, Covers
YouTube Channel

Yuuhi Riri (Miraijin)

A 16 year-old highschool girl from the future. Known for easily laughing at almost anything, for her love for mature women, and for flirting with other female livers using her handsome voice, so don't be surprised to find that she's popular with the ladies. Her charming laugh is captivating; she loves her batch-mates, and often plays the straight-man whenever other people crack jokes. Her tastes are similar to a young boy’s, but she's responsible and very kind. She enjoys streaming, and also displays her cute feminine side. She usually streams at night, sometimes in the afternoon.
Types of Content: Chatting, Dead by Daylight, Variety Games
Clips and Highlights: Karuta is weak to Riri, How could you do this?!, Covers
YouTube Channel

Fushimi Gaku

A 21 year-old university student who always starts his streams with his famous catchphrase, “Peace! ライフは楽しんでる?” He is energetic, cheerful and trusting, so people see him as a “bright big-brother” figure. Livers and fans look up to him and ask for his advice due to his attentive, caring and affable nature. He is also notable for his OhaGaku series, where people come and eat breakfast together, making his viewers feel comfortable and pleasant before they start their day. Shipped often with Kenmochi Touya (Togabito). Regularly streams OhaGaku every Monday and Friday at 06:45 AM and other streams start around 11:00 PM.
Types of Content: Breakfast Streams/Chatting, Horror Games, Variety Games, Princess Connect
Clips and Highlights: Two Besties, Breakfast with Togabito, A Life Changing Driving Date with Fushimi Gaku
YouTube Channel

Kenmochi Touya

A 2nd-year high-school student and Kendo club member. He joined Nijisanji due to being a VTuber fan himself, and influence of Tsukino Mito, who proceeded to claim herself as his mom, much to his dismay. Kenmochi is renowned for his impressive talk skills as well as event moderation, having organized Nijisanji's Mario Kart tournament. Notorious lolicon, but oddly charismatic. Has a very dedicated fanbase and chat that always plays along with his antics. Shipped often with Fushimi Gaku (Togabito).
Types of Content: Talk streams, Niche games, collaborative drawing streams with viewers
Clips and Highlights: Sharpness Radio, 100k Subscriber stream, Nijisanji Mahjong Tournament, 2019 and 2020 April Fools' stream, Sharpness - Original Song, 3D Stream highlights, Touya and Mito, Highlights with Shigure Ui and various other translated clips here
YouTube Channel

Previous Highlights

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2020.11.30 12:54 AnswerCalm6216 What should I do after me and my boyfriend had a fight?

Yesterday my boyfriend was helping me apply to jobs and I was looking through my resume and I had asked him if me and him were dating around the time I worked at the country club. I just wanted to confirm it because I am very forgetful.
Anyways he had to do something and was busy all day and didnt text me until 7 something (I get it your busy) but his text was that I upset him earlier with my question. Now me growing up in a toxic household I am a people's pleaser I say sorry and take the blame and so I apologized a bunch of times and I even called him to speak on the phone since arguing through text is not for me because of the tone and energy.
Anyways I went through my google photos and I proved that we were dating a little before I started working at the country club the only thing was he thought we started dating 2-3 months when in reality it was longer than that and I proved to him everything and in the end he said "ok cool you still didn't know when we were've asked me this question before".
Now this was at 8 something and I had talked to my sister and I told her every night we usually video chat before going to sleep and she said to not call him and wait for him to call me (I had not responded to the text message yet) I wanted him to not be angry in the moment so I gave him time.
Anyways my dumb a** called him at 10 something and he didn't pick up nor did he call me to say good night and didn't text me putting the effort in. I woke up this morning with no text messages.
My question is what do I do in this situation? I tried taking the blame and being mature since I am 18 and he is 28 so he should be more mature than me but I don't know what to do?
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2020.11.30 12:50 MeetTheHannah My dad literally tried to bribe me so I wouldn't get sterilized. My surgery is in four days. I didn't accept the bribe.

My parents have been having over an hour long conversations with me about them not wanting me to get this surgery. Multiple conversations, and all while I'm trying to write my thesis. As a result I'm much more anxious about them taking time away from writing my thesis than I even am about getting a needle on the day of the surgery, and I have a phobia of needles so that's saying something.
Yesterday was another example of that. I had to work in the morning, then I needed to get a new winter coat so I didn't have much time to actually work on my thesis. I worked on it an hour before dinner, then I settled down to do more research and writing and my dad asked me if I could come downstairs to "have a short chat with them". Oh no, another conversation about them not wanting me to get sterilized until I'm 30 (I'm 21, very close to 22 now).
During the conversation my parents basically told me that no, I don't actually know what's best for me because I'm young. Something could happen in the future that could change my mind about not only wanting a child, but specifically convincing me to actually want to get pregnant, give birth to a child, and then raise it. The only situations they offered as an example is that I would find a man who wants kids (as if I would knowingly date someone who wanted kids) or that I could get a head injury and have a change of heart (I would hope they would be more concerned about my actual wellbeing if that happened, as they claim, but I guess having a child is much more important than wondering if your daughter that just got a head injury is even mentally fit to be able to make that very big decision). Then my dad fucking bribed me.
They said they wouldn't stop me from getting the surgery. No, they would just first attempt to heavily guilt me into delayed or deciding against it and then they would literally offer me "anything I want" so I would delay it. Think of it. That could be a car, rent payed on an apartment so I could move out, thousands of dollars if my dad was actually willing to do anything. I just stopped answering after that.
I know I should have actually said no, that wouldn't work, but I was honestly shocked that my dad would try to pay me off like I'm some "low class" woman he's trying to get away from his uber classy and promising son so she won't corrupt him. They say at the end of the day I have choices over my own body. Just not this one, apparently. God, I'm disgusted. They think material objects could replace the complete and utter relief I will feel once I get this surgery (well, after recovery when I'll be more comfortable lol). What if their parents offered them the same to not get married to each other? To not have children with each other? I feel like I'm living in fucking bizarro world.
They want to have yet another conversation about it with me tonight, so fingers crossed that I actually get called in for work tonight (I'm on call for 5pm-10pm) so I can avoid that. I plan to do a lot of thesis writing today before I have to leave for work to make up for yesterday. I'm glad other people in my life support my decision and asked me questions about it to learn more about the surgery and my decision, not to try to convince me against it because I'm apparently too young, as an adult, to know what I want. I can choose my degree and career path in life, can choose to do a masters if I want, but apparently spending a lot of time and money on my education or career is just not as ~fulfilling~ as spending a lot of time and money on a child. It doesn't matter that I literally want to work with kids in the future, because if I didn't birth those school children from my own uterus I'm apparently going to be incredibly regretful.
I've given them my reasoning why I want this procedure, why I don't want other birth control methods, why it has to happen now...they disregarded them all. They are baffled that the doctor approved me when I was so young (got approved at 20, surgery delayed due to covid) and without a psych eval. They are upset because I appeared too sound of mind and was able to communicate to my doctor that I actually did want this procedure and have thought about it and researched it a lot. They are upset because I talk to people on the internet to ask for their experiences instead of them or other adults they know, because apparently you guys are all not real people and want me, personally, to make horrible life decisions! I am baffled!
I'm sorry this was long and kind of all over the place, o just need to process my thoughts on the matter and here is kind of the best place to do it. Thank you for reading.
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2020.11.30 12:42 buttercupbubblebloss Why would people refer someone their ‘ex’ if they have never actually dated?

So a guy who I’ve never dated keeps referring me as his ‘ex’ and giving a bunch of one-sided made-up stories on social media and that just grossed me out so much because we’ve never officially dated and I’ve made so clearly from the very beginning and he said he was looking for something casual too.
Like I mean there are people wanting to have serious relationships but there are ppl wanting something casual. Like see my mindset is that if I want something serious, but a person makes so clear that nothing serious then either accept it or just walk away and there will be ppl offering what I want right?
I just really don’t understand this person’s mindset. He agreed to be casual but after a while he started to talk about kids and marriage and said he loved me. I realized he got creepier and creepier so I cut him off immediately. This was a couple years of ago but till today he still claims I’m his narcissist ex who broke his heart..? i truly think it was a harassement that he kept messaging me to beg me to date him or else he would kill himself in front of my door. I had to call police on him and blocked him everywhere.
My friends told me apparently this creep still refers me as his ‘ex’ and made up all kinds of things to post on his social media sometimes. And he obviously made a bunch of fake posts on Reddits too.It makes me realize there might be lots of freaks out there pretending to be the victims just to get empathy.
Ugh.. it might sound mean but I think it’s so pathetic. It’s like he doesn’t have better things to do in life rather than this? He looked pretty normal when we chatted online. Who would have known🤯like..why though...? Doesn’t he know he’s lying to himself?
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2020.11.30 12:22 jediabj77 31 [M4F] Switzerland/Europe - Nerd for nerd!

Hey redditors,
Hope you all are safe, happy and healthy!
Been a while since I posted here. Trying again - to positivity, optimism and not giving up!
Single Indian nerd here, looking for a kindred soul. Should racial/ethnic origins be a deal breaker - you can stop reading.
I live in Switzerland - relocated here for work last year from USA after finishing my PhD. While I am acclimatized to living here, the social life has significant room for improvement. I hardly know anyone in Europe who isn't family or a work colleague. Language barrier and the pandemic certainly did nothing to help. Which brings me to reddit.
I want to establish a deep personal connection with someone - share thoughts, dreams, goals, aspirations, travel stories, music, books, food and maybe more if we click. I am a shy introvert with somewhat limited social skills. Online interactions have always seemed more comfortable than irl, and even without the lock-down my social life would likely not be too different. Nonetheless, I am trying to change that and to make the best of the situation. I very much want a relationship and would prefer to communicate with someone who wants to actually meet up in the foreseeable future - not just be pen pals. However, everything needs a beginning so let us start with a conversation. That said, I would prefer people in similar time zones.
In case you're looking for common ground or ice-breakers: nerd, gamer and coffee addict sums me up. There is a kinky side to me as well that I usually kept out of my dating posts, but over time I have realized this is important to me and I want a partner who shares my interests. And yet, we are all more than the sum of our hobbies.
Gaming : I am primarily a PC gamer with a taste for RPG and strategy. Gaming is not the only part of my life but it is an important one. As such I want to connect with at least a casual gamer. I regularly play games like final fantasy 14, guild wars 2, path of exile, civilization 6 to name a few. I also have a switch and a PS4 if you prefer those platforms for gaming.
Kinks - better discussed later should we actually get along; I don't fit into a specific mould and still discovering myself.
Besides that, I have all the stereotypical geeky interests - reading fantasy/science fiction, watching anime (subs!), reading manga, good movies and series - you can extrapolate from there. I enjoy cooking, traveling and exploring new places. I frequently like to go hiking in the mountains but it is almost always alone. I am also a vegetarian if that matters.
I am happy to talk about most things (except perhaps the shitty state of politics and the pandemic - got enough of that already). If you happen to be in STEM, we can talk shop as well!
I am usually a very agreeable person, but somethings such as smoking, 420, strong religious inclinations, illogical beliefs, anti-science mindset, and hypocrisy are an absolute no for me.
If you've read this far (apologies for the verbosity) and feel like there is common ground to build something on, please leave me a private message (not a reddit chat - I will probably not even see those), and let's start a conversation.
Stay safe!
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2020.11.30 12:05 dawolfofallstreets M31 needs advice.

So my wife and I are new to full on poly. We've been doing a variation of it for the past 3 years or so. Anyway something happened that really upset me and it my wife doesn't think it's a big deal yet I'm struggling with resentment from it. She was casually dating this single guy and everything was going well. He and I had even met a couple of times and got along well. However everytime they would meet up they would meet at his place. I told her I want her to be comfortable bringing him to our house so she can see it's no big deal for us all to hangout and if they want to go to the bedroom or whatever I can play xbox in the living room or something. She agreed and invited him over one night. Literally 5 mins before he arrives she tells me to go hangout in the other room. I was flabbergasted (he's literally pulling into the drive at this point). She said she wanted him to feel comfortable. I reluctantly agreed and thought he would come in they would chit chat for a minute and then she'd message me to come down. I go into the other room, which is super dark because the electricity was out to that room and the electrician hadn't been by to fix it yet. So I'm sitting there in this dark ass bedroom by myself and I start feeling that she is ashamed of me of something. I already struggle with anxiety and it was starting to get the best of me. I start messaging her on snapchat, asking when I can come down etc. She tells me to relax. I start telling her I don't like this and I'm starting to freakout a little bit. She completely goes dark and stops even opening my messages. I assumed her phone had died because she is terrible at letting it charge. I then decide that I absolutely have to get out of this room. At this point I'm in a full blown anxiety attack about it. I open the door to the room and close it loudly (so they're not surprised when I walk down the stairs). I go downstairs to the living room and there is no one in there. I see her bra and panties on the couch and realize that they're having sex upstairs. I'm ashamed to say but I completely lost it. I stormed upstairs and walked in our bedroom and they're both completely naked and he's on top of her. I yelled at him to gtfo and started losing my shit about the whole thing. After 30 seconds or so I realized I was freaking out and told him he could stay and I apologized and left. My wife was furious and proceeded to call me a psychopath etc. I tried to explain how I was feeling and that her bringing him home was a huge step for me too. I tried to explain that it felt like she dropped it on me last second so I wouldn't have a chance to argue and then ignored me to go fuck him. Am I crazy? What should I do?
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2020.11.30 11:50 nudehunter690 Straight today.. but what about tomorrw?

In other chats and dating apps a lot of guys talk and hit me up, even once in person. They like my dick (8.2x6in) Im starting to be curious about letting a guy into my sacred places jaja any of you straight guys thought about expanding your markets?
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2020.11.30 11:23 iKnowHowToFullSend Girl [F19] I [M19] met up with from Tinder has a gap tooth

So I met this girl on Tinder and I saw her pics and she was cute and we matched. We talked for a little longer than normal before meeting up because of Covid and I think she was nervous. We hit it off pretty well and she was cool. Anyway we ended up calling a lot and some video chats and I never realized but in all of them she would only show her eyes pretty much.
Fast forward to meeting up (we were also planning on naughty time after) and I couldn’t help but notice the first thing I saw was her gap tooth. It was pretty big and noticeable too, like I’m sure I could fit a skittle in between it. My heart sank immediately because I realized I never noticed this and I felt so bad.
I ended up cutting the date short and telling her I’m gonna fall asleep. I took a nap and woke up and here I am. I can’t stop thinking about her gap, and what I should do. I don’t wanna leave now because we actually invested quite a bit of time with each other and shes cool. I also don’t wanna cut things off just because of that, especially since it’ll probably ruin her self esteem since she covered it so well, I don’t wanna do that to someone.
What should I do?
TL;DR: Girl I hit it off with on Tinder has a gap tooth I didn’t find out until now and I’m not sure what to do as I don’t wanna end thing just because of that but its getting hard not to.
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2020.11.30 11:21 Forsage_io FORSAGE Community: First Conclusions

FORSAGE Community: First Conclusions
The first months of the FORSAGE Community are over. When we started, we asked ourselves many questions. Will we be able to create a platform where everyone can share their opinion, even if they are not experts in content creation? Will people ask questions and, more importantly, answer them with no incentive other than to benefit the Community? Will articles from amateur authors be interesting and valuable to the Community?
Summing up the first results, we can answer yes to all these questions. Despite the language barrier, different countries and different mentality, we were able to unite people for a common goal - to share useful information, help each other earn even more, and move the global online community towards maximum transparency and decentralization.
To date, the authors have submitted 127 articles, and 109 of them have been published.
People posted 200 questions and wrote 373 answers.
The number of views of articles is approaching 26,000, views of questions and answers - 10,000.

Our routine for new authors

  1. A person applies for authorship, we are considering his profile.
  2. If the candidate is approved, we give him access to the platform as an author.
  3. He studies the guidelines we have created, chooses a topic (we can also help with this) and gets down to work.
  4. Before publication, each article is moderated according to the criteria: quality, uniqueness, compliance with the guidelines, absence of typos, high-quality photos and videos as illustrations.
  5. If the article requires improvement, we write feedback to the author and ask him to edit the material. If necessary, we help and suggest how he can do it.
  6. We carefully check the article, make final amendments, if necessary, and publish it.
  7. Each author receives our personal word of gratitude and motivation to encourage him to continue working.

What helps us keep authors motivated and improve content quality

  • Author rating table, where we score points for each article.
  • Authors’ chat where they communicate and receive support from editors.
  • FORSAGE QUILL Authors Contest.
  • Daily communication with the authors in PM.
  • Guidelines for content creation and visual design of articles.
The result is good quality articles, with usefulness and expertise, written from the heart and with a pronounced author's position. Articles like these are always a pleasure to read, and they motivate other community members to join the contributing team as well. "If he could, I should also try."
Here are some examples of great content created by our contributors.

6 Offline Marketing Ideas To Build Your Team

By Jzorro
«Вecause people are so focused on technology and social media, and always looking for the latest trendy app, most of them forget to include old-school tactics in their marketing strategy. You should never underestimate the power of offline marketing to build a strong, engaged, and proactive team. In fact, you should include it in your marketing plan.»

Forsage: a Simple and Powerful Solution for Our Money Problems in a Very Uncertain Time

By TalibahAset
«Forsage has given us a powerful tool that can be used to ensure income and economic empowerment during a time that it is desperately needed. But, as with any tool, it is only as powerful as the skill with which it is used. Right now, the major skills needed is our adaptability to change, willingness to learn new things, and most of all, the ability to work together. I have not seen a better solution to the situation we are facing than the platform and opportunity the Forsage Community has given us. If I had, I would be telling you about it right now, instead. What everyone needs right now is a major increase in cash flow. Forsage is the best way I know of to make that happen fast.»

Personalize your partner’s experience
By Mchapeyama
«When a person shows interest to join Forsage, give him/her your full attention. Take your time to find the exact help he/she needs. Some people tell the individuals to join their WhatsApp or Facebook groups. Yes, that is great, but not enough. If you push information in a group, it does not mean that everyone is benefitting. Maybe less than half the people in your group are benefitting. Within a week you find someone leaving the group. Why? Because you have not given that person personalized attention.»

An ultimate video guide to on the Tron Blockchain

By Manny
“Here is a full Introductory video of the FORSAGE Tron-based Blockchain smart contract.
Time codes:
0:28 What is FORSAGE.
1:07 Founders and their role.
1:47 How to start.
2:03 Program overview: x3, x4, and xGOLD.
2:46 Referrals: why is it important to have them.
5:22 What is a slot, and how do slots work.
5:50 How many slots you can activate.
6:35 Best earning strategies.
6:55 Disclaimer.»

5 tried-and-true tips for your FORSAGE marketing strategy
By MrDjoss
«When you look at the term "network marketing", what do you think of? Did you know that "network" comes before "marketing"? In other words, you need to focus on networking first. When it comes to networking, you have to connect with the right people. You need to surround yourself with people who are already successful in business. That’s why there are always the same few people who are overwhelmingly successful in the MLM industry. These top performing people are often able to recruit thousands of people into their organization in a very short period of time. This is because of their powerful network. They have invested a lot of time in networking with the right people.»

FORSAGE IN GREECE ΕΛΛΑΔΑ HELLAS - Forsage Hellenic team [GR] - PART 01
By sakis1eu
«A cornerstone in this club is our Web Radio section. It’s a weekly radio program broadcast in both Greek and English called “An hour of Digital Economy”, and you can listen to it both on air and recorded. We have also been holding weekly ZOOM videoconferences for some years now, on cryptocurrencies and digital economy issues. We have participated as a team in several projects until now, done remarkably well in most of them, and lately it was the turn of Forsage to become active. So, concerning Forsage, we have weekly Zoom videoconferences twice a week for newcomers; one explaining how Tron works with Forsage, and the other on cryptos and Ethereum issues. We also have developed a series of Zoom conferences and presentations for the Forsage members of our team, as well as internal supporting mechanisms.

How Forsage Crowdfunding is a Better Option Than Trading
By gcecryptoteam
«Most people are more familiar with trading in either stocks or Forex, and have an easier time transitioning into crypto trading. So, I would ask them a rhetorical question: 'How many times does your trading account generate 100% gains over and over?»

Time Management is Your Key to Success with FORSAGE
By Mchapeyama
«Does the time factor matter to a self-employed affiliate marketer? Yes, it does because it is limited in supply. And an affiliate marketer has many activities to do during a day. By the way, you have to have a promotional strategy you manage every single day.
You need to talk with individuals face to face, post campaign material on social media platforms such as Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter, you have to post material on safelists, traffic exchanges sites, and write promotional materials such as articles»

The Best Mentality of a Successful Affiliate Marketer
By Mchapeyama
«Self-doubt is one of the greatest threats to your success in online business. If you start off with the mentality that, “It is difficult to earn money with Forsage”, for example, how do you think you will succeed? This is self-destruction. Thus, from the start, get involved with reliable platforms like Forsage. It is not only reputable but has a very great presence online globally. Its earning model is the best you can think of.
The take here is: If you do not believe in it, leave it. But with Forsage, if you do not believe in it, then you cannot believe in any other online business.»
And this is just a small part of the content that is posted daily in the Community. Every day we receive new applications from those wishing to become authors, every day we communicate with the authors in Telegram, articles are edited, catchy pictures are selected.
Our goals for the nearest future:
  • Mentor 5 authors to help them become professionals, and entrust them with creating content not only for the Community, but also for other websites, and become FORSAGE ambassadors to speak on behalf of the Community.
  • Build a team of 20 authors contributing on a regular basis, and continue mentoring them to fill the Community with useful articles.
  • Create a database of articles in the Community for all key steps of the FORSAGE user lifecycle.
Thanks to everyone who believes in the Community and strives for its success!
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2020.11.30 10:49 Your-Friend-Bob No idea how to get back out there

I (m 24) just broke up with someone. It wasn't super far along, it just hurt when they said they didn't want to waste their energy on me. Understandable given the circumstances but whatever. I really want to just get into a relationship/dating not hook ups and not leading to no where.
Since my work keeps me kinda isolated to a small area, my state basically shut down nearly everything, and my dating profiles are clearly in need of work, what are some suggestions?
I use tindr, hinge, and okcupid since I have been recommended all three for potential relationships. What should I throw out on my profile to help me get there? I plan on updating my profiles with more recent pictures but I feel among the flood of other guys my profile may just be a subconscious swipe left. Not being negative on myself, just how things can go (I sometimes do the same thing if I see something that I wouldn't like such as their personality is based around mudding or hiking when I don't frequently do or want to do those things)
I would prefer to meet people in person though righy now that feels out the window. I am fine with video and voice chats on discord or a phone call. I'm just not the best with texting.
Rught now I include: I love all types of humor and love to make people laugh, I am a gamer and casual game developer, I love music as well as play and write music (I was in a band), I lost 90 pounds even though I'm not the most proactive person and would love someone who cares at least a little bit about health, and I am open to adventures.
Sometimes I add little jokes in there, I try to keep it short and sweet, I mention weight loss and how I want to start climbing, and how I stream/make videos on twitch/YouTube.
Just wondering if someone can either give any advice on how to find some common ground to start conversation for actual intimate dating or how to build a profile to help me get them clicks so I can try to start getting to know people who I think would actually work well with me.
At this point I just really want a relationship again. It's been a long time since I had something I truly cared about and I want to move toward something serious since I have never really had a serious relationship and want to get married at some point.
Sorry if this was long just not sure where to turn to. Maybe not the best place but hey my friends either got married or ditched me for their personal stuff so I don't really have anywhere else I can go for actual advice beyond "keep trying and be yourself!"
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2020.11.30 10:48 Huggiebear21 Update: I take back my star trek online account after it's hacked, entitled mother demands I give it back but get's her own son banned instead.

Disclaimer: English is my first language, my grammar and punctuation skills are not that good so expect mistakes on spelling and grammar.
In my previous post I had said it was yelp I talked to her on, that is incorrect, it was wechat, not yelp, the fault there is mine for misnaming the chat service and I won't make excuses for my mistake.
I had thought this matter over and dealt with, but i was so wrong.
The entitled mother in the original post actually tried to sue me over the account and getting her own son Internet service provider banned (IP banned) For hacking my account and stealing it to begin with.
Now my account, I have spent some real world dollars on it buying some ships and item that cannot be transferred or replaced, this litte crapstain wannabee hacker managed to hack my account and changed passwords on me, I found out about it and took the account back and changed the password to something this little crapstain wouldn't be able to hack again.
His mother decided to contact me and have a little chat with me, so I downloaded wechat and accepted her chat request, it didn't go well for her and she wind up getting her crotchgoblin totally banned from the game, to the point they have to get a completely different internet provider to get back in game.
On with the story.
About two weeks after that incident I got a notice, via an agent on my doorstep, that I was being sued and expected to appear in court on a work day.
So, as i did when I first filed the complaint that my account had been hacked, I got together all the paperwork and files on the incident and printed copies of the chat and threats she had made and waited until the court date.
(Skips ahead to the court date as other stuff is not relevant and boring).
I will note that naturally I had an attorney with me.
before we even got into the courtroom she started her crap by threatening to take everything i have to pay for her and her sons embarrassment and the therapy he was going through after having *his* account stolen.
My attorney told he she couldn't talk to me before the case and was told he would make sure the court would know of her threats outside the courtroom, she stomped off fuming.
once in the courtroom a few minutes later and after the judge had called the court into session she began to try to run her mouth and was promptly silenced by the judge with a stern warning to have her removed from the courtroom and that the case would proceed in her absence with only her attorney present.
i couldn't help but to smirk at that, She again interrupted the judge shouting SEE ! HE'S MAKING FUN OF ME !!
He said, I will not warn you again to be quiet until it is your turn to talk, one more time and I WILL have you escorted out of MY courtroom !
I'll not bore you with the boring part.
When the judge called on her to tell him her story she told him a heavily embellished tale of the event and how I threatened her and her son and deliberately filed a false complaint and got him banned permanently from the game.
My attorney only smiled.
When my turn came I told the truth, and my attorney called on the judge to take a moment to review the paperwork he had brought concerning the matter, she immediately shouted that the paperwork was all fake and that the judge needed to ignore it and as she was warned, her and her some were immediately escorted out of the courtroom under the threat of being jailed for a week if she did not comply silently.
The judge asked her attorney if he had any proof of her claims, he provided some papers that were obviously hand typed making some outrageous claims and not time stamped as my papers were and the response from the game administrators, which she had none of.
needless to say he ruled in my favor and ordered through her attorney she pay several fines for filing false claims and all court costs incurred due to obvious negligence and falsehoods.
I was NOT ordered to return my account to her crotch goblin either.
When the judge dismissed everyone we saw her smirking at us in the court hallway and I said simply to her, you lost and walked away.
The look on her face was priceless, and I will remember it with deep satisfaction for the rest of my life.
She started screaming and demanding I give my account back to her crotch goblin and subsequently wound up getting herself frog marched out of the courthouse.
I can only Imagine what her reaction was to getting notification of the fines and the court costs order.
I later had to get a restraining order because she kept hounding me to pay her back the money she had to shell out for fines and court costs.
Even had a boyfriend try to threaten me with a beating if I didn't pay her, it didn't end well for him.
To this day I'm still astounded at her sense of entitlement thinking it is ok for her son to hack accounts and seal stuff from people.
This may be used in a video.
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2020.11.30 10:45 SummerX666 Your POSITIVE interactions with famous queens you've met?

I've definitely met a queen and felt really disappointed by them, and I think a lot of people would be surprised who and why but I like to remember everyone has bad days so I thought it'd be nice to start a thread about positive interactions we've had with famous queens. I'll start of course!
Shangela - What you see on TV is what you get, she's SUCH a likeable person and very genuine! I had a ticket for Shangela's show in my city, but I turned up early and was stood outside waiting for my friend when I turn around and Shangela gets out of a van with her management team. She happily talked with and posed for photos with younger fans before going inside but when I asked someone who worked for her if it was ok to get a quick photo and say hello I was told I couldn't because they had to take her in for the show, she was stood right there several feet away it was so frustrating as a huge fan haha I only wanted a few seconds. Anyway she sees me stood on my own, and calls me over! Her team looking lowkey annoyed haha. She takes a moment to talk to me, told me she loved my eye makeup and then gave me a hug and said to enjoy the show before being rushed inside. She was really sweet, clearly cares for her fans and still to date the best performer I've seen. Made everyone laugh and owned that entire stage, have the highest respect for this queen!
Erika Klash - Anyone who's seen Dragula should already know how kind and sweet Erika is but meeting her made me love her all the more. She's chatted to me on instagram a fair bit, and she's always so so nice to me. I had a meet and greet ticket for her show and wanted to take a gift for her, I sometimes repaint vintage porcelain dolls and make them scary so thought that would be kinda perfect. Because of covid I couldn't personally give her the gift but when she came out on stage she had it with her. Used my doll as a prop for her performance and then later on asked in DM's if she could use it for future performances, I was so flattered. Dragula inspired me to start drag myself, I started a couple weeks after Erika's show and I felt comfortable enough with her to send her some photos to show my first time in drag, she replied to say I look beautiful. Again just such a genuine person and someone I'm so pleased I got a chance to meet. (Also I highly recommend checking out Dragula if you've never seen it)
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2020.11.30 10:37 GuessImBritish Im a teen(14) and i like my asexual/aromantic friend

I have a friend who is a grade above me. She's in high school rn and im on my last year in middle school. We're doing online cuz of covid but we text almost everyday and chat. We talk about anime fadoms were in hell even share ships we really want to happen. We have had sleepovers and hang out a bit. She's busy alot sense she's a big sister to one pure little girl and one kinda spoiled girl. Anyway, once we were hanging out(we hang out at her house sense i have family problems and a messy house) i told her how none of my friends ever cuddled me and i felt hurt(joking btw) she then just flops onto me and cuddles me. And holy frick i had my FIRST "gay panic' moment, i was laughing awkwardly and being a fluttered idiot. We then continued talking about anime, lgbtq, cosplay, all kinds of stuff. As we were talking i was wondering if i liked her more then a friend. I never been in love before so i was confused. I knew she was asexual and aromatic. I knew she probably just wanted to stay friends, it kinda hurt but i care about her. She helps me when i cry, helps me when im hyperventilating/worring about my parents fighting. She was always there for me. And if you ever meet me im the type of person to see my friends as family. When she cuddled me like that i was all flustered and told her 'Noooooo stopppp ommggg kiwi nooo"(kiwi is her nickname) whining like a baby she teased me a bit with more cuddles and one time her head was on my chest and i just DIED. And tbh even if she doesn't feel the same way about me.. Im glad i have such a loving and supportive friend like her. I might not be able to date her, but having her as a friend is amazing and I'd rather have that then screw things up and never talk to her again. ((Hopefully she doesn't have reddit or im screwed lol))
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2020.11.30 10:07 miserablefool99 18 [M4F] Online/Anywhere - Looking for that special someone and maybe more!

For starters, my name's A. I'm 19, Indian and about 5'5". Secondly I'm not your usual "bobs and vagene pix" kinda guy although I'm willing to joke about it. (Had to add that in there lol). Which brings me to my third point, humor is (kind of) a deal breaker for me, and I pride on making people around me ROFL. I'm also sensitive though, and I'm more than capable of talking at 3 in the morning about life or something deep. Looks isn't much of a deal maker for me, cause it's more of how well we hit it off.
I'm currently studying Computer Science, I'm slowly getting good at programming but I'm not that guy who'd talk for two hours about regexes, linked lists or string searching algorithms nonstop on a date. (Unless you're into it too?)
I’m an avid reader. I’m reading “The Book Thief” currently and I’ve read Forsyth, Dan Brown and the like. I’ve also read Harry Potter (yep, I’m a big Potterhead) I’m more into realistic fiction thrillers (or non fiction too).
I like funny TV shows (bonus points if you can guess what my favourite show is?) and I like all kinds of movies. Thrillehorror in particular is a favourite genre of mine altough I’m up for watching any of your favourite movies together
In terms of musical taste, I'm a bit all over the place, with my favorites being The Weeknd, Eminem and Kendrick Lamar. I also like Taylor Swift and I'm a big Coldplay fan too!
I'm slightly socially anxious TBH and I prefer taking it a bit slower y'know. I'm willing to tell more about myself over personal chat and I'm also willing to share pictures of me and possibly even a voice/video call once we get to know each other. Ideally the age range for me is 18-23 (although I'm okay if you're a few years outside of that range, provided we 'connect').
(Please make sure you directly DM me, the message feature on Reddit is a bit buggy, at least for me.) P.S : I have 3k karma on my main Reddit, I’ll tell you all about it when we talk!
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2020.11.30 09:17 Mindless-Comparison5 (22F) My boyfriend (22M) used to have a massive and long-time unrequited crush on my best friend(22F). I am worried he is still in love with her and I don't know how to be okay with this.

Hi everyone.
I started dating my boyfriend four months ago. I am the happiest I have ever been, I am SO deeply in love with him and he treats me better than I even thought possible. I have bad anxiety but he has helped me and understood me more than anyone else has ever been able to. I feel very lucky and I see a long future with this dude.
SO basically, I met him at the same time as my best friend, when we were in high school, around the ages of 14 or 15. He immediately became besotted with her and I actually knew him as the guy who was doggedly in love with my best friend. She never liked him back, not for a second. She was in a long term relationship as well, but he just couldn't get over her. This was like five whole years ago, and I know that he was still battling with getting over her early this year, because when we started chatting as friends again (he and I lost contact for a long time) he actually told me that he wished he could forget about her. Now that doesn't sound like someone who has totally moved on to me.
I know she also played with his feelings quite a lot. She knew he loved her but would continue hanging out with him and basically kept dangling herself in front of him so that he would stay in her life. I can't deny that I think she might've had some inkling of feelings for him, because it doesn't make sense to me why she would do this, unless just for the attention.
I think it's NB for me to note that they never kissed, or even came close to it. But they hung out all the time for years and called each other best mates.
Everyone knew how in love with her he was - when I chatted to his sister recently, I brought her name up (in the context of her being my friend, not his old crush) and she said something along the lines of 'I was actually worried how obsessed he was with her, like he was so in love and he pined after her and wouldn't let her go'. That sounds so intense to me. It really hurt me to hear this...
It also really really doesn't help that this girl is my BEST FRIEND. I think soooo highly of her, she is the coolest and funniest and most interesting person I know. She and my bf have more in common than he and I do. She is also a lot more intelligent than me, and I know how much intelligence means to my boyfriend. ALSO, I have been incredibly self concious about my weight, as I have put on a lot during lockdown. She is skinny and truly one of the most beautiful girls I know. I am goodlooking too, I have been led to believe, but like - my best friend is drop dead gorg.
I know this last paragraph is probably just me projecting my own insecurities, but considering the past between these two important people in my life, I don't think my worries are totally unfounded...?
My best friend just came back to the city we all live in, after being with her family during lockdown. So we only just started hanging out all together since my bf and I started dating a while back. And I just cannot shut my brain up whenever I leave a room with them and they're alone together.
Yes, my boyfriend loves and adores me and he has shown me this. But how can I actually be okay with knowing that he probably does still have love for my best friend? Even if I don't believe it will ever mean the two of us will end things over this. It is so hard for me to live with this, it is so incredibly painful. My brain keeps telling me that if my best friend changes her mind and decides she actually did always like my boyfriend back, he would go to her because I feel like she was his first love and it was unrealized so he never knows what it would be like to be with her. I hate this so so so much...
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2020.11.30 09:04 Ill_Investigator547 story of the girl i like and a break up /;

if you you this, thank you so much, and it means alot and i hope you might be able too help /; please dont be mean//; <3
so i started highschool and i was friends wiht this one girl and lets call her emma. I had a crush on her and we alwasy hungout cuddled, texted, and hungout at school. I asked her if she could hangout but her parents never let her see her friends outside of school. fastforwarding to covid, we were on online school and we only had a week left. we talked and facetimed all the time. she told me one night that she really liked me and for a long time. I told her i liked her too and was so happy. we dated for the summer and we chatted all the time. now back to her parents. they are extremely religious catholics and are very homophobic. if they knew she was gay or talking to me or anyone in general they would be off the roof, maybe kick her out. towards the ending of the summer, or actuall the middle, i hadn't heard t=for her all day and then i got an email from her saying that her parents found out about us and she had tried to come out to them as bi. they were very unsupportive. they are also very abusive mentally and physically. that was the last thing I heard from her for several monthes. it was very hard, i missed her and cried a lot. i loved her still and wanted her to be happy, and i felt so bad for her and was constantly worried about how she was doing. I struggle wiht depression so it made cutting and anxiety worse for me. i care about her alot, so i was thinking about her everyday,
again fastforwarding to the start of this school year. we are still online, i still had not heard form her becuase she wasn't allowed to have her phone laptop, or anything wiht her.
i emailed her becuase I knew she had to have her computor for school. she responded but she seemed so much different. so drained and so sad. She said, i'm straight now. It was shocking to me becuase I thougth she might still like me, becuase we were both very into eachother.
we started talking everyday again when she had her computor for school. it was good, but she was a different person. she told me her parents made her pray for her to be 'fixed by god' and how they tried to cleanse the gayness out of her. it was crazy. we were on a call that time and she started crying about how hard it was and how she wished that they could still love her for who she was.
I knew that she wasnt straight, but it was as if her parents brainwashed her into thinking that it was' just an unhealthy phase' and that she was 'confused wiht who she was' .
to sum it up, her summer and her birthday had been shit. her parents forgot about it.
fastforwarding later into this year, about 5 monthes later, she came out as gay to me again. I was very confused becuase of how she keot stressing the fact that she was straight, but i was very happy that she could come to terms wiht how she really felt and that she was funally honest with herself.
a month later, we were calling and she told me she wasnt actually over me and i asked her to be my girlfriend. we were both super happy and talked about alot of relationship things and how much we cared about each other. it was really good, and even though we were btoh going through so much at home (my abusive dad had left and we were trying to get a divorce), we still found eachother through it and loved eachother and were there for eachother. we really really liked eachother.
anyways, she was super worried about her parents finding out about it. i said , lets be super careful and if it makes u too uncomfortable we can wait to date when u are. she said it was ok and that she wouldnt let them find out and we were super careful.
our school since its private allowed in- school and we both went and we hugged for a long time and met eachoter during lunch times and met in the bathrooms during class to talk and hold eachtoher.
no kissing tho defineteky, hehe.
so we were still dating and it was thanksgiving break and she called me saying she was in a really bad place, she was so tired of everything, her parents, and all the pain they cuased her. they were both very abusive mentally and physically to her and made her feel like shit all the time and jut wore her down as a person.
she had been cutting and her arms were bloody and she was crying. i talked to her and i said i was always there for her and if there was anythign i could do to tell me. she said it was fine and later that night when we were tlkaing my pjhone died at 1030 and so i said goodbye to her and we went to bed.
next day i went to my house and got in the shower. she texted me and i said i was going to tajke a shower and so she said ok talk to you when u were out. ( btw, she didnt have her phone all the time bc her parent took it alot, and when her parent were at home or awake she couldnt talk to me becuasr they didnt like her on her phone) so sometimes i had to wait to talk to her until they went to work or the store or just wasn't home.
so i got out and i texted her. she had made a thirst trap tiktok that she sent me the day before, but she deletied our conversation so that her parents wouldnt see it, including the tiktok. so she asked me to send it to her. i did and she left me on read. i thougth it was wierd and stuff.
i texted her agai with ??? . she left me on read. i was so worried becuase i knew that her parents could go onto her phone at anytime becuase emma didnt have a password on her phone (she wasnt allowed too)
i knew her parents had to havve taken it, becuase emma would have responed immediatly. i felt a panic attack comin on, but i just tried to be hopeful that it wasnt what i thought.
i then got a call from emma a few minutes later.
she was on the call with her mom. i could hear her telling emma something in the backround. she then said to me '' we have to break up, thisn isn't working . This is bad for me. im sorry. and i was like okay thats fine. I knew her mom was there and so i dindt think i could say anythign i wanted too when she was listening. i was speechless. this was today, btw. i havent heard form her since that and ive been so worried for her. she could have killed herself by now, and im not even joking. its like 80 percent a possibility right now and ive been going crazy today not knowing how she is or whats going on. im so worried, i dont knwo what to do.
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